cropped-ktpropic.jpgWho am I?  It seems particularly appropriate that this be a question I answer – or, at least attempt to – given my blog is devoted to, in part, rediscovering “Who I am” and inviting you to do the same.  What would not be appropriate, however, is for me to dedicate this space to telling you my life story.  So, my approach may be somewhat unorthodox, but I want to save a few details for the “journey.”

First, I will tell you a little about who I think I am, share some of my “likes,” and so forth, then I will look to my family, friends, former colleagues, recent and past acquaintances, etc., for their perspectives.

Who am I?  Well, let’s start with what I know.  I am a follower of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Now, let me be clear – that, in no way, affords me a sense of superiority, nor righteousness, rather it reminds me of my obligation to serve Him all the days of my life. He suffered and died, in the most horrific way, for my salvation.  A meager sacrifice, on my part, is the obedience to the calling I proffer in His honor.  If there is one thing about me truly unmistakable, it is my sense of duty to serve others – at least, I think so.

I first served my country as a field radio operator in the United States Marine Corps, then I served the residents of multiple communities as a law enforcement officer.  Now, I serve anyway I can, doing first and foremost, what I believe God has called me to do – share The Gospel and His message of Love with all whom I may reach.

Beyond that, I consider myself a family man, an animal lover, rescue dog owner, baseball (sports, in general) fanatic, a somewhat open-minded purist (what?), highly analytical, highly competitive (not a sore loser), and a hopeless(ful) patriot.  I am an avid swimmer; quite frankly, I like just about anything that involves exercise and soaking in the outdoors.  I love to travel and have a bucket list a mile long.  I love inclement weather, so long as no one gets hurt and nothing irreplaceable is lost or damaged.  Snow, the ocean, waterfalls and my Camaro are among the most beautiful of all God’s creations.  I thoroughly enjoy singing and fellowshipping with my brothers and sisters in our church music ministry. Did I mention I love my family and my pets – and baseball?  Yes I did.  Good, well, that’s a bit more about me than you probably wanted to know, but why stop there?  What do you say we see what those who actually know me think?

Most of the words I have heard people use to describe me are quite flattering – humbling, indeed.  Some, honestly, I feel don’t apply as I believe I have “yet to arrive,” but hey, it’s their opinion and it’s one I respect and value greatly.  So…

I have been described as, honorable, kind, peculiar – in reference to 1 Peter 2:9, wonderful, nice, observant, blessed (really like that one), a gentleman who is down-to-earth, sincere and understanding, a caring friend who is a great example to others, a dedicated, heroic – to some – family man, an obedient missionary, a patriot who is both trustworthy and resolute.  And, of course, my favorite, a great dad.

If you’ve read this far, then you have likely surmised I like to write – a lot.  I do, indeed.  It is my favorite means of communication.  I am a writer, though not quite ready to identify myself as an author – in the “published” sense.  That will happen, if it is God’s will.  That said, if I had been paid for even half of the things I have written, I could probably retire.  My sticking point – pretty common, actually – is that I have more ideas than patience.  My passion to share with others through my writing has really taken hold, however, so I am going to do this – if it kills me – because that is what God has laid on my heart.  To be sure, this is not about me.  Okay, well it is a little bit, but as Francesca Battistelli sings, “I don’t need my name in lights, I’m famous in my Father’s eyes…”

I sincerely hope I am able to touch and inspire even one of you to seek and find true happiness, the real you, and your walk with God.





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