Setting the Record

cropped-ktpropic.jpgLet me introduce myself.  I am a Gen Xer – barely – depending on who you talk to.  I was born roughly three months after NASA legend Neil Alden Armstrong became the first person, as far as we know, to set foot – well, boot – upon the surface of the moon.  That was 1969, baby.  Kudos to Bryan Adams for paying homage to my birth year on his “Reckless” album, by the way.  Yeah, those were the good ol’ days… well, okay sure, I was just a baby then.

My good ol’ days, so to speak, didn’t arrive until the ’80s.  But, man, weren’t the ‘80s somethin’… worth waiting for?  I loved the ’80s.  Who wouldn’t?  Hair bands (sorry mom), yuppies, valley girls, “The Breakfast Club,” MTV (sorry mom), “Thriller,” “E.T.,” the “Miracle on Ice.”  We were introduced to the Space Shuttle and Dr. Henry Walton “Indiana” Jones.  We vastly expanded our vocabulary, learning words like ‘gnarly’, ‘totally’, and phrases like ‘gag me with a spoon’.  We came to understand that the only suitable response to “No way!” was, in fact, “Way!”  My Dodgers won two World Series championships.  My Lakers won 5 NBA championships.  We saw the beginning of the end of the Cold War and the Berlin Wall.  What a great time to be alive!  Did I mention my Dodgers won the… oh, yeah, I did.  Good.

So, as you can see, I’m rather nostalgic, but my value of my history, our history, transcends emotion.  It must, for, from one generation to the next, we evolve, or devolve as a society, based much upon our knowledge and understanding of whom and whence we are descended.  Hence, much of what I wish to share with you will regard our history and our heritage, though presented in such a way as to reflect the relevance to modern day America.

Now, before you roll your eyes and head off to another, seemingly more appealing or otherwise entertaining blog, please know that my intention is not to bore you to tears with hours of history lessons.  Rather, I am approaching this with much broader perspective.  I seek a target audience of, well… everyone.  If you stick with me you will find – regardless of your age, gender, background, ethnicity, interests, political leanings, religious beliefs etc. – our interaction will be fun and rewarding.

I will discuss any topic, so long as the engagement is civil.  Honestly, you will see me post on a broad spectrum of issues – I have countless interests – including, but not limited to, writing, animals, sports, history, science, morality, religion, social issues, military, crime, culture, and so forth.  You name it.

Join me.  After all, what would life be without the journey?  Together, we will travel back in time, and peer into the future.  Once, we were a nation, built by those who sought freedom – and, were prepared to die for it.  Are we – still – a nation?  I hope, together, we will answer that question.

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